Support Agencies for young people



Support   and advice and help for young people suffering abuse

( 1800 66 66 66                                                          



Someone   to listen and talk to you

( 1850 60   90 90                                                         



Support   and advice for those faced with crisis pregnancy

(091-562558 / 1850   622 626                                  


Teen line

Need someone to talk to, we're here to listen. All calls are   confidential.

( 1800 833 634                                                          



Helping   to defeat depression

( 1890 303   302                                                          



Helps people who have suffered, or are suffering, from mental   health problems.

( 1890 474 474                                                             


Spun out

Working to empower   young people to create personal and social change.

( 01-6753554                                                             



Supporting people affected by   eating disorders.

( 1890 200 444                                                          



Provide support to those bereaved   by suicide

( 1800 201   890 / 091 769942                                  



Wednesday 22nd May Ty Musical Awards take place in NUIG

Wednesday 22nd May at 7.30pm is the 6th year Graduation Mass.

Frday 24th of May a group of TY students are in Dublin at the finals of ECO dens competition.

Monday 27th of May is students end of year mass.

Tuesday 28th of May sees the start of in house end of term exams.