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Spring has sprung in the Garden at St Paul’s

The courtyard garden at St Paul’s is beginning to show some signs of spring

1st years have started to sow some seeds and are monitoring their germination and growth


They have sown lettuce, mustard seeds, radish, chard, peas and carrots



The use of Cloches made by students two years ago are helping the germination process and it is hope that their first harvest will be in May



The herbs have over wintered well and are beginning to grow again




The Transition Year outdoor activity in Recess will go ahead as planned from Wednesday the 18th to Friday the 20th of October.

This week is MATHS week. Related image 

There is a number of activities and competitions being run in our school to promote Maths. One such competiton can be found by clicking here and the winner will receive a €20 One for All Voucher. 

On Thursday the 19th of October there is a parent/teacher meeting for 2nd Years.

The students of the 5th Year LCVP class are holding a fundraising event for Pieta House on the 21st of October. Parents and students are asked to support this worthy cause. 

On Thursday the 26th of October there will be an open night for Parents and Students incoming in the academic year 2018/2019